NORMA is an international journal for high quality research concerning masculinity in its many forms.  This is an interdisciplinary journal concerning questions about the body, about social and textual practices, and about men and masculinities in social structures.  We aim to advance theory and methods in this field.  We hope to present new themes for critical studies of men and masculinities, and develop new approaches to ‘intersections’ with race, sexuality, class and coloniality. We are eager to have conversations about the role of men and boys, and the place of masculinities, in achieving gender equality and social equality. The journal was begun in the Nordic region; we now strongly invite scholarly work from all parts of the world, as well as research about transnational relations and spaces.

NORMA is published by Taylor & Francis in collaboration with the Nordic Association for Research on Men and Masculinities (NORMAS). The journal receives economic support from the Joint Committe for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOP-HS). NORMA publishes in English and has primarily researchers in humanities and social sciences, particularly in gender studies as target group. The journal is issued four times a year.

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