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Ulf Mellström You are now holding the first issue of NORMA in your hand. Through a joint effort of the masculinity studies community in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden this new Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies is finally launched after years of scholarly discussions, activism, and cooperation within the field of critical studies of … Continue reading

Mansforskningens bakgrund och framtid: Några teoretiska reflektioner

Claes Ekenstam The background of studies on men and masculinities in early feminism, gender research (including gay and lesbian studies), and the marxism of the 1960’ s are discussed. The importance of power, and the specific conception of this (so evident in the framework of R. W. Connell), is related to this development. Although Connells … Continue reading

Homosocialitet som könsordnande process

Charlotte Holgersson This article focuses on the concept of homosociality and how it can be used in order to understand how gender is (re)produced in organisations and society. Within the field of organisation and gender, the concept of homosociality has been used to explain the gender segregation and male dominance on management levels in organisations. … Continue reading

Mat og maskulinitet i senmoderne familieliv

Bente Marianne Olsen & Helene Aarseth This article argues that a life style oriented modernization of hegemonic masculinity may serve as a vehicle for a transgression of the gendered division of work. The case at hand is food preparation in the family. Drawing on two studies of Norwegian and Danish couples the article identifies three … Continue reading

Is there a “men’s movement” in Finland? The state of men’s gender-conscious organising

Jeff Hearn & Hertta Niemi This article examines the current state of men’s gender-conscious organising in Finland, and the relation of such organising to gender, gender equality and feminism. Special comment is made on links between men’s gender-conscious organising and recent critical academic studies on men and masculinities. It specifically addresses whether it can be … Continue reading

To be a male role model – or to be a teacher: Notes on the discourse about men primary teachers in Iceland

Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson The chief goal of this article is to discuss and problematize issues in the debate about men teachers and boys in schools as these issues play out in Iceland where its impact is not much different from the Anglo-Saxon or the Nordic world. In particular I review how sex-role theory and persistent … Continue reading