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Ulf Mellström At the Nordic conference “Changing Men and Masculini- ties in Gender Equal Societies?” hosted by Roskilde University in late January this year my interest in the sociology and anthropology of science was reinvigorated. This hith- erto informal community of mostly Nordic masculinity studies scholars came to institutionalise and formalise its professional continuation towards … Continue reading

Deconstructing hegemonic masculinity: Contradiction, hegemony and dislocation

Richard Howson The axiomatic nature of hegemonic masculinity in the Critical Studies of Men (CSM) continues to come under increased scrutiny. In particular, the issue of how hegemonic masculinity bridges the space between men and masculinity, practice and identification, real and symbolic and particular and universal remains open to much interest and debate. This article contributes … Continue reading

Porno utopia: Masculinity between hedonistic green houses, chemical erections and surreal orgasms

Knut Kolnar This article addresses a documentary on the world’s most famous manly porn star, Ron Jeremy alias ‘The Hedgehog’. Questions about masculinity, the conditions of intimacy, the meaning of sex and the changing nature of pleasure and sexual arousal are put anew at strange and surprising places in society. During the last decade pornoland … Continue reading

Conversations across borders: Men and honour related violence in U.K. and Sweden

Suruchi Thapar-Björkert This paper engages with debates on honour related violence (HRV) in the U.K. and Sweden and positions these debates within the broader context of media representations and multiculturalism. The paper highlights two interrelated arguments. First, though academic and policy interventions have made HRV more visible, they have inadvertently reproduced an anti-male rhetoric that … Continue reading

The diverse intimate relationships of non-heterosexual Finnish men

Jukka Lehtonen In recent years, there has been much public discussion of same-sex relationships and non-heterosexual parents in Finland, as in other Nordic countries. However, the intimate relationships, both sexual and non-sexual, of non-heterosexual men have been examined from a relatively narrow perspective. The partnerships of these men with men and/or women and their relationships … Continue reading

Fathers and sons: Gender socialization and intergenerational transmission revisited

Margunn Bjørnholt This article, which employs a dyadic father-son approach, addresses the methodological and theoretical challenges involved in studying gender socialization and intergenerational transmission. The article is part of a longitudinal follow-up study of the Work-Sharing Couples Project, a small, experimental action research project for gender equality in the family in Norway during the first … Continue reading