Book reviews

NORMA welcomes book reviews that are of interest for a international audience. Reviews are prepared after agreement with the Book Review Editors, which also reviews them and can request clarification prior to acceptance. NORMA is a transdisciplinary journal with a broad readership. Reviews should be written with this in mind, and contain a presentation of the work reviewed as well as discussion and evaluation (although in no particular order). The tone can be formal or more essayistic and personal, but still with scientific clarity. .


  • Reviews should begin with the following:
  • Title of the reviewed work.
  • Name of author, publisher, date.
  • Name of reviewer, title and position.
  • Reviews should be sent by e-mail to the Book Review Editor in standard Word format (.doc, .docx, .rtf).
  • Reviews should not exceed 2.000 words.
  • Avoid reference lists, footnotes, and endnotes in reviews. If you refer to other works, include them in the text such as ‘…as Judith Butler argues in Gender Trouble (1990, 145).’
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Use minimum formatting, such as italics or indentation.
  • Avoid unnecessary discipline-specific terminology.

Reviewers get a free copy of the volume in which the review appears. Copyright belongs to NORMA.

Book Review Editors

Kalle Berggren, Uppsala University, Sweden
Chris Matthews, Nottingham Trent University, UK


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