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Editorial: Men, myths, and masculinity politics

Lucas Gottzén The contributions to this issue of NORMA all deal with issues of men and politics, and to some extent also to so-called masculinity politics, that is, politics where masculinity is at the centre (Connell 1995). As within other feminist research, politics have been explored within Critical Studies on Men, partly by studying different … Continue reading

Masculinities, power and change

Jørgen Lorentzen We have had 25 years of research on men and masculinities. The relationship between men as gendered beings, power and change has been central in this research. This article presents some of the main findings that most researchers within critical studies on men will agree on, and then it discusses how to better … Continue reading

Sport, body and power: Reassessing the myth of President Kekkonen

Maiju Woukko Abstract Former President of Finland Urho Kekkonen was not only a powerful politician but also a well-known sportsman and keep-fit enthusiast. The president’s sports hobbies were covered and celebrated in the media and thus became an integral part of his public persona. This paper looks at Kekkonen’s athletic and able-bodied image and its … Continue reading

The Norwegian men’s movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s: Retrospection from men involved

Jan-Kåre Breivik This article documents and discusses the rise of the pro-feminist men’s movement in Norway, Mannebevegelsen, in the late 1970s and its supposed fall in the early 1980s. Through interviews protagonists within and around the movement, and through archival research, the author exposes central tensions, problems and challenges in male liberation. That is, the … Continue reading

It’s all about me having a wound: Narratives of sexual reorientation and resistance

Helle Ingeborg Mellingen The article’s starting point is two books which present narratives of homosexuality within a contemporary conservative Christian context: Betre død enn homofil and Mine homofile venner, published in Norway in 2009. The first book is written within the conservative Christian context, telling the stories of homosexuals who, because of their faith, live … Continue reading