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Knut Oftung Én viktig del av maskulinitetsforskningen er å vise frem nye måter å være mann på. Det er i tråd med det human- og samfunnsvitenskaplige prosjektet der overskridelse og det konstruktivistiske element i det sosiale liv vektlegges. Slik kan maskulinitetsforskningen også bli en viktig del av likestillingskampen, fordi den slår beina under essensialisme og … Continue reading

Time for reconsideration: An interview with Raewyn Connell

Ulf Mellström In May 2006 the Australian sociologist and leading masculinity studies scholar Raewyn Connell gave a series of lectures at Umeå University, Sweden. Before her first lecture on the 17th of May NORMA had the opportunity of interviewing Raewyn Connell. She is a professor of sociology at the University of Sydney and one of … Continue reading

Æstetiseringen af det maskuline og heteroseksuelle blandt unge mænd i en senmoderne storby

Niels Ulrik Sørensen On the edge: The aestheticization of the masculine and the heterosexual among young men in a late-modern city explores body, gender and identity constructions among young men in the light of individualization and aestheticization in late-modern cities. On the basis of an empirical study among young men in Copenhagen, it is argued … Continue reading

Self-evident, unchanging, and universal? Deconstructing interpretations of the history of fatherhood

Ilana Aalto The article deals with interpretations on the history of fatherhood presented from two sources: recent Finnish research on fatherhood and autobiographical writings on fatherhood that were written by seven Finnish men born between 1910–1930. It is suggested in the article that the history of fatherhood is repeatedly represented in a form of a … Continue reading

Pin-up warriors

Taina Kinnunen & Jan Wickman In this article, we discuss conflicting meanings of the male athlete’s body in contemporary Finnish media representations. In modern and postmodern societies, sports have been a central arena on the construction of ideal masculinity. Both masculinity and sports have strong nationalistic connotations. In Finland, successful male athletes have traditionally played … Continue reading

Omanlighet, en strategi för överordning? Manliga identifikationer och jagets positioner, exemplet Fredrik Böök

Jens Ljunggren This article analyses the practical use of masculine discourses, ideals and countertypes. Generally, research on men and masculinities currently debated, such questions are addressed: How do relations of domination and sub domination take shape in concrete human interaction? How are discourses put into practice and what happens when different subjects try to make … Continue reading