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Ulf Mellström This issue of NORMA, nr 2, 2009, based on papers presented at the conference “Changing Men and Masculinities in Gender Equal Societies?” at Roskilde University in January 2009, and an interview with the South African masculinity studies scholar Robert Morrell, offers a diverse set of topics on masculinities in motion. As such this … Continue reading

Patriarchy, violence and African male powerlessness: An interview with Robert Morrell on gender relations in South Africa

Ulf Mellström Robert Morrell was born in Cape Town and has lived all his life in Southern Africa. He is a historian by training and has lectured at the Universities of Transkei, Durban-Westville and Natal. He is currently a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. In 1997 he organised an … Continue reading

Power and structure in studies of men and masculinities

Øystein Gullvåg Holter This paper describes an androcentric tendency in international studies of men and masculinities, where relations between men become the main topic and the focus remains homosocial. Despite profeminist intentions, women’s agency is often missing in the research. It connects this tendency to a too narrow view of gender equality, and discusses how … Continue reading

Axel Munthe and the gender transgressing masculinity

Claudia Lindén The Swedish doctor Axel Munthe (1857–1949), personal physician, and probable lover to Swedish Queen Viktora, became famous when he published his partly fictionalized autobiography The Story of San Michele (1929). The book is a literary phenomenon, and has sold more, in 50 languages, than any other Swedish book during the 20th century. The … Continue reading

“We only help women with children here”: Male clients at an Icelandic material aid charity

James G. Rice This paper explores the under-researched positions of men as clients within a mate- rial aid charity system predominantly geared towards assisting women and children. The research on which this paper is derived, is from a multi-year ethnographic research project that focused on the practices of material aid charities in contemporary wealthy societies. … Continue reading