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Editorial: Men, resistance and political radicalization

Ann-Dorte Christensen & Sune Qvotrup Jensen New possibilities for political articulation and new forms of cultural expression have emerged in contemporary societies and some of these are taken up when men construct political identities. Men throughout the world develop radical political identities as a reaction to social changes, migration and globalization – some based on … Continue reading

Masculinity, gender and the new wars

Jane L. Parpart The failures of the anticipated peace dividend in the post-Cold War world inspired a search for causes of the expanding conflicts in Africa and elsewhere. The answers have been sought for the most part in the greed and grievances that have emerged in our increasingly unequal and competitive global economy. Gender has … Continue reading

The gender of extremes: Radicalization of young male football supporters during the German occupation of Denmark

Hans Bonde At the Danish national stadium on 5th of June 1941, on Denmark’s annually celebrated Constitutional Day, no less, the Viennese football team Admira demonstrated the superiority of Greater Germany with a 4–1 victory over a select Copenhagen team, thereby triggering among the young Danish male spectators a demonstratively negative reaction to a highly … Continue reading

A real revolutionary: Gender, class and political resistance in Swedish radical social movements in the 1960s and 1970s

Helena Hill Gender research on social movements in the 1960s and 1970s has often focused on the women’s liberation movement. This article focuses on the radical left social movement during the same period. It shows that the production of political ideology is closely related to the production of masculinity. Two debates of major importance for … Continue reading

Fighting to the last drop of our blood: Invocations of radical struggle masculinity among black student politicians in South Africa

Bjarke Oxlund This article examines how gender, race and class intersect with discourses of the struggle against apartheid in one of South Africa’s former black universities situated in the country’s northernmost province of Limpopo. The article, an analysis of left wing student politics, shows that the male student politicians in Limpopo draw on struggle discourses … Continue reading

Resistance and violence: Constructions of masculinities in radical left-wing movements in Denmark

Ann-Dorte Christensen This article is about violence and the construction of hyper-masculinity among male left-wing activists in Denmark. It is based on qualitative empirical research among activists in the radical left-wing movement in Copenhagen conducted from 2001–2005. The aim has been to grasp the constructions of political identities and masculinities in the most radical and … Continue reading

Constructing radical right populist resistance: Metaphors of heterosexist masculinities and the family question in Sweden

Ov Cristian Norocel The construction of radical right populist resistance around metaphors of masculinity at the beginning of the 21st century is a little researched area. This article accounts for the discursive redefinitions of Swedishness enabled by conceptual metaphors in order to accommodate centrally located heterosexist masculinities at the intersection of gender, class, and ‘race’, … Continue reading