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Editorial: Masculinity studies as fetish and the need of a feminist imagination

Lucas Forsberg This winter, a debate on masculinity studies took place in the Swedish journal Arena. Sara Edenheim (2009), who initiated the debate, criticized masculinity studies for not only being theoretically undeveloped, but also for having antifeminist tendencies. The following debate, where, among others, the editor of NORMA participated, mainly dealt with the relationship between … Continue reading

Masculinity at the margins: Othering, marginality and resistance among young marginalized ethnic minority men

Sune Qvotrup Jensen This article analyses how young marginalized ethnic minority men in Denmark react to the othering they are subject to in the media as well as in the social arenas of every day life. The article is based on theoretically informed ethnographic fieldwork among such young men as well as interviews and other … Continue reading

The bionic man goes autoerotic: Theoretic keys towards a refined understanding of men’s risk taking in public space

Dag Balkmar & Tanja Joelsson Gender construction in relation to mobility and movement gives rise to intriguing questions regarding the interfaces between men, masculinity, technology, »danger» and risk-taking, especially when discussing issues of traffic safety. How can we conceptualize men’s risk taking practices within the traffic realm? By drawing on research from feminist science and … Continue reading

Men’s activism, moral reasoning and good fatherhood in post-divorce family context

Leena Autonen-Vaaraniemi This article explores post-divorce fatherhood as advocated by Finnish men’s activism. Drawing on advisory texts published by a men’s activist group for men about to divorce, the study analyses the ways of arguing for and the content of good and desirable post-divorce fatherhood. It also examines the consequences of activating post-divorce fatherhood for … Continue reading

The meaning of sport for male relations in health care

Per Ekstrand & Esa Kumpula The aim of this article is to problematize how sport can be an arena to enable and develop male relations in health care. We discuss how intimacy and touch can be related to these processes and how male bodies are involved in creation of the constructions of masculinities in health … Continue reading