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From masculinity politics to a politics of intimacy and vulnerability?

Ulf Mellström Much of our scholarly efforts in masculinity studies, and gender studies in general, are directed towards thinking differently and in new ways of conceptualising gender binaries (Grosz 1999, Sandberg 2011, Shildrick 2009). In line with such an emancipatory agenda and knowledge pursuit, a new generation of masculinity studies scholars, and feminist scholars more … Continue reading

Will the real Joseph Gelfer please stand up: Multiple masculinities and the self

Joseph Gelfer A discourse of multiplicity in the study of masculinities has identified and given voice to an ever-increasing spectrum of both men’s and women’s experiences. This article extends the concept of multiple masculinities not by continuing to identify the experiences of diverse constituencies whose masculine performances have yet to be heard, but by identifying … Continue reading

In search of heroes: Vikings and Cossacks in present Sweden and Ukraine

Tetyana Bureychak This study offers a comparative analysis of symbolic mechanisms that legitimize hegemonic masculinity in Swedish and Ukrainian society, explored through the example of two historical models of masculinity – Vikings and Cossacks – and their integration into contemporary contexts. These images are analyzed as symbolic tools that have a potential to politically mobilize … Continue reading

Constructions of masculinities in conversations about public transport

Emmy Dahl, Malin Henriksson & Lena Levin This article highlights how environmental issues influence transport planning, and how they make transport planners rethink previous categorizations of user groups. The introduction of an environmental discourse leads to a questioning of men’s travel activities, i.e. car driving. However, the critique against men’s travelling does not address all … Continue reading

Masculine men playing a women’s sport?: Norwegian media representations of male handballers

Trygve B. Broch Common Norwegian conceptions of team handball define it as a woman’s sport. What happens when Norwegian media portray men playing a women’s sport? This article investigates the definitional paradox of Norwegian handball by investigating TV2’s representations of men’s handball. To develop an understanding of contemporary gender dynamics, Norwegian handball is explored and … Continue reading