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Ulf Mellström Alltsedan kvinnorörelsens begynnelse har olika män varit en del av det emancipatoriska projekt som på åtskilliga sätt förgrenats i författande, forskning och aktivism. Mäns deltagande i kampen för kvinnors rättigheter har en lång historia (se exempelvis Murphy 2004). Aristofanes skrev pjäsen Lysistrate 411 (f.Kr.) och Plato Republiken 380 (f.Kr.). I båda pjäserna förutsätts … Continue reading

Masculinities, pornography and right‑wing supremacists: A monday morning talk with Michael Kimmel

Jeppe Lyng The scene is a Monday morning. In relation to the Ph. D. Course: Masculinities – Discourses and Practices Ph.D.-student Jeppe Lyng sits with Professor Michael Kimmel employed at State University of New York, Stony Brook in one of FREIA’s offices at Aalborg University in Denmark. Both have a busy day a head of … Continue reading

Killing Bill: Men as rebellious feminists in the politics of passing

Linn Egeberg Holmgren The article deals with the issue of men doing feminism. Narratives from interviews with young male feminists in Sweden display a set of critical perspectives on men and masculinity, characterized by radical and deconstructive elements. These are identified as rebellious positions. It is argued that when opposing the idea of changing masculinities … Continue reading

Serious games: Competition and the homosocial construction of masculinity

Michael Meuser Referring to Bourdieu’s thesis that masculinity is constructed within the “serious games of competition” that men play with each other and relying on group discussions with men and on ethnographic research on male settings it is demonstrated how competition can be seen as the generating principle of the homosocial construction of masculinity. Competition … Continue reading

Changing storylines and masculine bodies in Australian coal mining organizations

Lena Abrahamsson & Margaret Somerville In this article we are exploring gendered subjectivity and workplace change in male dominated industrial organizations. The empirical base is a study of Australian coal mining companies implementing new practices in workplace safety in underground coal mines. The starting point for the study was the mining companies’ experiences of the … Continue reading