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Will the real Joseph Gelfer please stand up: Multiple masculinities and the self

Joseph Gelfer A discourse of multiplicity in the study of masculinities has identified and given voice to an ever-increasing spectrum of both men’s and women’s experiences. This article extends the concept of multiple masculinities not by continuing to identify the experiences of diverse constituencies whose masculine performances have yet to be heard, but by identifying … Continue reading

The meaning of sport for male relations in health care

Per Ekstrand & Esa Kumpula The aim of this article is to problematize how sport can be an arena to enable and develop male relations in health care. We discuss how intimacy and touch can be related to these processes and how male bodies are involved in creation of the constructions of masculinities in health … Continue reading

Men, militaries and civilian societies in interaction

Jarna Soilevuo Grønnerød, Anders Ahlbäck, Teemu Tallberg, Ville Kivimäki & Johanna Valenius This article introduces new approaches to gendered civil-military relations. It starts with the identification of three currents in contemporary research on men, militaries and civilian societies: war and militaries have for a long time been analyzed both within studies on men and masculinities … Continue reading

Striking poses: Notes on the performances of violent masculinities in conflict situations

Henri Myrttinen This article explores the issue of how masculinities are being ‘performed’ in conflict situations, how they are imagined and manifested and what impacts they have and are thought to have by their performers. It examines the various elements which flow into these performances, be it uniforms, weaponry or posturing, and how these are … Continue reading

Invisible women and friendly war-fighters: Perceptions of gender and masculinities in the Norwegian armed forces

Torunn Laugen Haaland Taking the Norwegian Armed Forces as a case study, this article examines how perceptions of gender and masculinities are expressed in internal documents produced by military forces deployed abroad as well as in the military bureaucracy at home during the 1990s. One main finding is that women are largely invisible in these … Continue reading

Æstetiseringen af det maskuline og heteroseksuelle blandt unge mænd i en senmoderne storby

Niels Ulrik Sørensen On the edge: The aestheticization of the masculine and the heterosexual among young men in a late-modern city explores body, gender and identity constructions among young men in the light of individualization and aestheticization in late-modern cities. On the basis of an empirical study among young men in Copenhagen, it is argued … Continue reading

Masculinities, power and change

Jørgen Lorentzen We have had 25 years of research on men and masculinities. The relationship between men as gendered beings, power and change has been central in this research. This article presents some of the main findings that most researchers within critical studies on men will agree on, and then it discusses how to better … Continue reading