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NORMA goes international

For eight years NORMA has been published by Universitetsforlaget, but we are now moving over to the Taylor & Francis Group. We are also widening our scope and will become an international, English-only journal. We are also changing our name to NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies, and Ann-Dorte Christensen, Jeff Hearn and Raewyn Connell are joining as co-editors. We have also revised our Editorial board.

The aim of NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies is to strengthen theoretical and methodological developments and present new thematic and interdisciplinary aspects of critical studies of men and masculinities in an intersectional perspective. During our years as a Nordic journal we have intended to advance pro/feminist debates on gender and social equality that are relevant to the study of men and masculinities. The ambition is to carry on with this in an international setting. Our new name, along with our new prominent co-editors, and editorial and advisory board members indicate that we want to include other parts of the world and to invite to a transnational debate around the global research field that Masculinity Studies has become. We want to be an arena for interdisciplinary Masculinity Studies from all parts of the world. While the journal started in the Nordic region, we invite scholars globally to contribute by submitting research articles, theoretical and methodological essays and book reviews.

The inaugural issue will be published in March.


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