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Call for papers

Call for papers

Emerging ideas in masculinity research: Masculinity studies in the North

First call for papers and suggestions for workshop themes. Deadline May, 15, 2013.

The next Nordic conference on research on men and masculinities will be held June 4-6, 2014, at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík.

Suggested workshops are, for example: Economy/financial crisis, the affective turn and masculinity studies, relations between queer theory and masculinity studies, global masculinities, family work balance, antifeminism and xenophobia, men and feminism “up North,” confronting sexual violence, theory and practice in working with men, masculinity and media, fatherhood and parental leave, trafficking in the North.

The conference is organised by the Nordic Association for Research on Men and Masculinities (NFMM), as part of the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014, in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland.

Further information will be sent out soon. Please send abstracts, suggested workshops and general enquiries to yourhost@yourhost.is


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