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Abstracts, NORMA 5.1

Men’s activism, moral reasoning and good fatherhood in post-divorce family context

Leena Autonen-Vaaraniemi

This article explores post-divorce fatherhood as advocated by Finnish men’s activism. Drawing on advisory texts published by a men’s activist group for men about to divorce, the study analyses the ways of arguing for and the content of good and desirable post-divorce fatherhood. It also examines the consequences of activating post-divorce fatherhood for fatherhood in general. The article applies the idea of moral reasoning, used to give meanings to things by classifying phenomena as good or bad, right or wrong. One of the central findings of the study is that men’s activists assign the norm of custodial fatherhood to post- divorce fatherhood. The findings raise the question of what consequences a normative custodial fatherhood and its contents will have for post-divorce family relationships.

men’s activism, fatherhood, divorce, moral reasoning, post-divorce parenting, child custody

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 5(1), 45-59.


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