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Editorial: Moving beyond the comfort zone of masculinity politics?

Ulf Mellström

It has lately been a heated debate around gender equality and masculinity politics in Sweden (e.g. Järvklo 2008, forthcoming, Egeberg Holmgren 2011). In this critical stream of research that focuses on men as political subjects of a feminist state reformist agenda, certain discursive constructions have been outlined. In short, these are the discursive threads of a ‘good man’, Swedishness, middleclassness, whiteness, and heteronormativity. These threads have been thoroughly discussed by feminist researchers, such as Dahl (2005) and Egeberg Holmgren (2011), calling attention to that constructions of good, gender-equal men are relatively harmless and do not actually challenge the underlying structures of classical patriarchy. As my colleague and co-editor Lucas Gottzén discussed in a previous issue of NORMA (Forsberg 2010) this also includes how the concept of hegemonic masculinity tends be fetishized as it is being dispersed through popular and academic use. Read more…

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 6(1), 1-4.


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