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Abstracts, NORMA 5.1

Editorial: Masculinity studies as fetish and the need of a feminist imagination

Lucas Forsberg

This winter, a debate on masculinity studies took place in the Swedish journal Arena. Sara Edenheim (2009), who initiated the debate, criticized masculinity studies for not only being theoretically undeveloped, but also for having antifeminist tendencies. The following debate, where, among others, the editor of NORMA participated, mainly dealt with the relationship between masculinity studies and feminism (Hill and Hamrén 2010, Mellström 2010, Sandberg 2010). Even though the debaters had divergent points of view on some issues, Edenheim and the others agreed that masculinity research is not necessarily always feminist. Read more

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 5(1), 1-5


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