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Abstracts, NORMA 4.1

Conversations across borders: Men and honour related violence in U.K. and Sweden

Suruchi Thapar-Björkert

This paper engages with debates on honour related violence (HRV) in the U.K. and Sweden and positions these debates within the broader context of media representations and multiculturalism. The paper highlights two interrelated arguments. First, though academic and policy interventions have made HRV more visible, they have inadvertently reproduced an anti-male rhetoric that fails to expose the vulnerability of men and the shifting subject positions that men can occupy in relation to HRV; as perpetrators, as victims, as observers or as agents of change. Second, these interventions fail to acknowledge that male initiatives to challenge practices of HRV are extremely important to break cycles of gendered violence. In relation to the latter, the paper critically engages with the Sharaf Heroes Project, a unique male intervention in Sweden that works preventively with young boys and men towards challenging and changing attitudes on honour-related violence.

honour related violence, vulnerability, Sweden, U.K., Sharaf Heroes, media, multiculturalism

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 4(1), 66-82.


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