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The Full Monty: Masculinity undressed

Thomas Johansson

The main argument in this article is that the contemporary image of masculinity and of young men’s construction of masculinity – in research as well as in popular literature on these issues – often is very stereotypical. This observation forms the point of departure for this article and the issue at hand here, namely to plead for a more elaborated, complex and less normative and biased discussion of young masculinity. The text brings forward empirical studies and anechdotic examples of masculinity in transformation. Some of the examples help us to destabilize the notion of stable gender identities, whereas others deal with more or less subtle re-definitions of men and masculinities. The aim of the article is not to develop new theories or to arrive at more specific empirical findings. The ambition is instead to bring forward the question and to suggest some possible ways of dealing with the problem of one-dimensionality and the reproduction of stereotypes.

young masculinity, sexualization, identity, male bonding, heteronormativity

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 3(1), 13-30


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