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To slap a “Kraxelhora”: Violence as category-bound activity in young men’s talk

Kjerstin Andersson

Much of the research, on boys’ violence towards girls is problematised, and linked to sexist attitudes held by boys towards girls. In this article I intend to show that, in discussing violence, violence towards girls is not generally accepted among the otherwise violent boys in this study. In a study of violent boys in residential care, undergoing Aggression Replacement Training (ART) the issue becomes pertinent in an ART-discussion. All, but one, of the boys replies negatively to the statements: “you should not hit girls?”. One of the boys discloses that he has hit a girl once. In different accounts he elaborates the motives for doing this, and works to justify his actions. He gives two accounts of the episode in the ART-lesson; in an interview afterwards he produces yet another version. In this article I examine the variations he gives of what happened, how he is striving to position himself as morally justifiable and produce a successful masculine position for himself.

Masculinity, violence, interaction, categorisations, discourse analysis, child studies

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 2(2), 144-162


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