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Searching for traces of hegemonic masculinity in a New Zealand school setting

Paul Horton

This article considers the ways in which hegemonic masculinity has been constituted in New Zealand through a configuration of both historically contextualised practices at the regional level, and daily practice at the local level. In doing so, the article critically readdresses the concept of hegemonic masculinity and how it has been used, and suggests that the concept needs to be re-situated in the context in which it is being used as a theoretical tool. The article posits a way of addressing hegemonic masculinity that involves searching for traces at both the regional and local levels, through a combination of historical and ethnographic analysis. In doing so, the article argues that it becomes possible to consider how practices at the local level intersect with those at the regional (and global) level. With specific focus on one all-boys’ school in the South Island of New Zealand, the article attempts to do just that, before considering how hegemonic masculinity is policed by boys in their daily interactions.

Hegemonic masculinity, bullying, rugby, New Zealand, school

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 2(2), 163-182



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