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Omanlighet, en strategi för överordning? Manliga identifikationer och jagets positioner, exemplet Fredrik Böök

Jens Ljunggren

This article analyses the practical use of masculine discourses, ideals and countertypes. Generally, research on men and masculinities currently debated, such questions are addressed: How do relations of domination and sub domination take shape in concrete human interaction? How are discourses put into practice and what happens when different subjects try to make use of them? These questions are dealt with in reference to an analysis of the moulding of the human self. The empirical example of the research is the well known literary Swedish critic Fredrik Böök (1883–1961). The unpublished memoirs he left behind reveal quiet a diversified way of positioning the self in relation to different masculine ideals and discourses. The self Böök chose to visualize oscillated freely between self disciplined bourgeoisies and emotional romantic conceptions of manliness. Most interestingly however, he also made use of outspoken unmanly traits as a way of putting himself in a position of domination.

biography, Fredrik Böök, hegemonic masculinity, unmanliness, history

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 1(2), 182-196


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