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Homosocialitet som könsordnande process

Charlotte Holgersson

This article focuses on the concept of homosociality and how it can be used in order to understand how gender is (re)produced in organisations and society. Within the field of organisation and gender, the concept of homosociality has been used to explain the gender segregation and male dominance on management levels in organisations. The concept describes processes in which men orient and identify themselves with other men. Studies show that men’s position and identity are affirmed through homosocial processes, which are often infused by desire and seduction. These processes reduce and somewhat paradoxically also generate uncertainty. Furthermore, studies show that the jargon among men is centred on distancing the group from women and men who do not conform with the ideal the group has collectively created, thus confirming the group’s superiority. Homosocial processes are therefore seen as contributing to the creation of certain groups that include some men and exclude women and other men, resulting in gender segregated organisations and the creation of dominant groups of men. In light of this research, the article discusses homosociality as a gendered process and argues for contextualized analyses that take other social power relations in organisations and society into account.

homosociality, gender, organisation, gender order, gendered process, segregation, men

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 1(1), 24-41.


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