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Journal issues, NORMA 6.2

Editorial: Men, myths, and masculinity politics

Lucas Gottzén

The contributions to this issue of NORMA all deal with issues of men and politics, and to some extent also to so-called masculinity politics, that is, politics where masculinity is at the centre (Connell 1995). As within other feminist research, politics have been explored within Critical Studies on Men, partly by studying different men’s movements. Raewyn Connell (1995), for instance, identifies four different men’s movements in the West: masculinity therapy, the gun lobby, gay liberation, and exit politics. We could also add the groups of men that organize themselves around child custody disputes (Autonen-Vaaraniemi 2010, Collier and Sheldon 2006) as well as different forms of Christian men’s groups (Gavanas 2004) to Connell’s examples of masculinity politics. Apart from the gun lobby, all these groupings have had more or less strong representations in the Nordic countries. Read more…

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 6(2), 105-108.


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