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Journal issues, NORMA 7.1

Introducing sexography: The situated study of mens sexual selves

Bjarke Oxlund

This special issue of NORMA evokes the concept of sexography, which is not a conventional or established term in the vocabulary of social scientists or gender scholars. Rarely used and only scantily defined, sexography has, however, appeared in a number of different texts and contexts, where it has been used to designate phenomena as varied as the sex market (Sigusch 2001), the participant observation of the researcher in sexual action (Bolton 1998), and ‘the trend of “always more sex”, and “always more truth in sex”…’ (Foucault 1988, 116). While these meanings are all intriguing in their own right, the case made here is for an understanding that is at once more literal and more suggestive. On the one hand the postfix –graphy can be used to indicate a form of writing or a way of representing something, on the other it can also be used to indicate an art or a descriptive science. Read more…

NORMA: Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies 7(1), 1-7.


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